Anselm Pi Rambla is a world-renown researcher, explorer and expert in ancient symbolism and Oriental and pre-Columbian cultures. Anselm has developed a large catalogue of studies and archaeological, anthropological as well as ecological works over many years, covering unknown aspects of the evolution of history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries.

Born in Catalunya, Spain, Anselm studied at the Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences in Barcelona. At age 30 he was in contact with Tibetan Lamaism through one of its most important teachers, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche, one of the few masters versed in the teachings of the Kalachakra. In the monastery of Sonada (Darjeeling, India) Anselm deepened his knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and its secret symbolism.

In 1982, after his experience in India, Anselm purchased a 56-foot-long sailboat made in the shipyards of Auray, France, which he christened “BOHIC RUZ”. He later assembled a multidisciplinary team of researchers and explorers with the objective of studying and researching the most unfathomable mysteries of our past. The team sailed all over the earth conducting various expeditions and explorations throughout Asia, Europe, America and Oceania as well as important voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Throughout their voyages, the team collected critical data that would lay the groundwork for a new alternative narrative concerning the history of ancient civilizations. Anselm would eventually go on to found the Bohic Ruz Explorer Society, named after his research vessel BOHIC RUZ.

Anselm Pi Rambla collaborates with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Prodena, Peru) on different projects for the preservation of the Wild Life of Paracas Reserve, and the Reserves of Pampa Galeras and Manu (Alto Amazonas). He has also undertaken archaeological and anthropological works with the Peruvian Government, rescuing important remains for the Cultural Heritage of the country.

His latest project, called “The tunnels of the Andes”, attempts to solve the mystery of the secret underground world hidden beneath the Andes Mountains.